The Importance of Paperwork

Most of us will implement some tax planning on behalf of a client which requires some paperwork to support the actions which have been taken. The incorporation of a business requires an issue of shares ,if appropriate a changing of the name of a PAYE scheme, the setting up of a company bank account and new headed notepaper and invoice books to reflect the change to a company...

Reforms to the taxation of non-doms

After much speculation, ‘Son of LDF’ has now been launched by HMRC in order to give individuals and entities the opportunity to correct their UK tax position if they have previously made errors or omissions in declaring overseas income and gains. The new Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF), launched on 5 September 2016, replaces the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility and 3 British Crown Dependencies Facility that came to an end on...

New HMRC Offshore Disclosure Facility

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Tax Investigations by HMRC

In the past an investigation by HMRC into a tax avoidance scheme was conducted under Code of Practice (COP) 8. Under such circumstances there is no question of tax fraud having taken place and a prosecution is not on the agenda. Recently there have been a number of cases involving tax avoidance schemes where COP9 has replaced the existing COP8 enquiry. This is a very strong indicator that HMRC considers serious fraud to be involved and that...

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